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Detectors at recycling centre

A recycling centre the size of two football pitches in Scunthorpe, which has been a target for oil thieves, is now protected by a security system comprising detectors from manufacturer OPTEX.

SITA recycles all manner of materials including car batteries, CDs and DVDs, white goods and scrap metal at the site in Brigg Road. The depot consists of a large yard and a number of warehouses that include offices. Posing site challenges for any detectors were staff and vehicles including JCBs, HGVs and forklift trucks passing through at all hours, day and night. The perimeter protection also needed to incorporate the ability for the detection devices to distinguish between specific vehicles, pedestrians and potential intruders. Site Manager Graham Rohse approached Dean Bolton, MD at local installer Eyewatch Security, to specify a system that would best protect the yard and buildings: “Previously we did not have any form of security protecting the site and on one occasion a young lad was able to jump over the fence and steal some diesel,” Graham says. “With the rise in the value of scrap metal, protecting our site has now become a priority.”

Dean designed a system that includes the Optex active beams (AX-200TRis) and numerous outdoor wireless PIR detectors from its BoundaryGard™ range. Dean says: “The point-to-point beams create a virtual wall along the perimeter which has been configured for target recognition. We have essentially created two detection zones – the perimeter and the volumetric approach capture area using BoundaryGard™ animal immune outdoor detection.” Eyewatch’s monitoring station and response units then respond to anything suspicious, as Graham adds: “The system Dean has installed includes an option to receive alerts to my phone whenever anyone enters the site. This is particularly useful, as it means I can keep an eye on my site 24/7! Thankfully no-one has tried to break in yet, but based on our tests and evaluation I am confident that the systems performance and Dean’s service will perform as anticipated.”

The OPTEX AX-TR Series are wireless infrared beams that are suitable it is claimed for larger installation perimeter protection, and are capable of external ranges up to 200m. The beams offer four site-selectable frequencies that allow them to be stacked one above another to provide a wall of coverage. The VX-402 employs dual detection, to counter false activations due to small animals and birds. Two discrete detection areas are created and only when an intruder is detected inside both areas is an alarm output triggered.

DoubleConductive Shielding ensures that the sensor is resistant to interference from foreign light sources such as the sun and car headlights.


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