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Data space

A managed hosting, Cloud Computing and outsourced IT data centres, has been chosen by Voipfone, a provider of Internet Telephone Services in the UK, to provide resilient colocation space with a replicated  and extended back-up network. The Bunker is providing Voipfone with secure colocation space for a fully cloned Voipfone network solution from its data centre in Kent.  Voipfone has duplicated and expanded its entire network enabling it to provide a robust, secure, real time virtual phone system to its customers whose businesses are reliant on an uninterrupted service. 



Forming in 2004 Voipfone’s a fully virtual UK company with all employees working remotely using Voipfone’s own technologies to organise and manage themselves. 

Real time service with no latency is paramount to Voipfone.  


Colin Duffy, CEO of iNet Telecoms (Voipfone’s parent company), said: “Most of our competitors have a single point of failure called their data centre. If anything happened to that data centre – loss of power, a fire or a terrorist bomb incident – service would be lost, possibly for months, maybe forever. We decided that that wasn’t a fair risk for our customers to take so we made the decision to build a state of the art, fully matrixed and cloned telephony platform and to house the second platform in an out-of London location. The end result of this build is to have two independently operating and physically separate platforms fully co-operating with each other in real time. If one fails, the other accepts the load without any downtime of manual intervention. The new Bunker network isn’t just a back-up; it’s an integral part of a single, virtual operating platform that can survive the loss of its identical twin in London – and vice versa. So finding a second data centre within easy reach of our London data centre that met our stringent physical and digital security requirements, as well as providing the high performance network we needed, was a real challenge. But after researching and visiting many data centres the final decision to choose The Bunker was an easy one to make.”  


Colin added: “The support and service we received during set-up has been excellent and the speed at which we were able to get our network up and running exceeded our expectations. We now have some work to do to upgrade our original network to the same standard as the Bunker!”


Simon Neal, Director of Data Centre Services at The Bunker, said: “I’m delighted Voipfone have chosen The Bunker as their secondary data centre, Voipfone’s commitment in providing virtual telephone systems to small businesses who demand high levels of service but at a low cost is a testament to their success.  I’m looking forward to working with Voipfone and supporting their growth as their business expands.” 


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