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Case Studies

Dairy factory upgrade

The Shakelli Dairy Company is one of the biggest suppliers of dairy products in Tehran. It has automated production lines and four saloons. The factory has been in operation for over 100 years, making it one of the oldest of its kind in the capital. The company decided it was time to upgrade the 100 year-old site with a surveillance system. The initiative was put forth by Raymand Pardazesh Pasargad Co., the system integrator of PFN Technology in Tehran, and the first phase of the project was carried out with the Taiwanese CCTV product manufacturer VIVOTEK.

A total of 96 cameras from 12 models were installed in the factory. The FE8172V model was selected due to its fish eye lens and 360-degree surround view, as a ceiling camera. A single such camera covers a mid-sized room. The IP8372 was chosen for monitoring points of entrance and exit, as the vicinity sees large trucks with trailers and other vehicles. The product offers the capability of capturing license plate numbers, 5-Megapixel resolution, and WDR (wide dynamic range). Besides visibility under poor lighting, thanks to the IP8362’s night vision, the camera is designed for outdoor settings and can be mounted on fences and walls.

To monitor the interior space of trailers and trucks, the FD8335H was mounted on a loading dock. With WDR Pro technology, the cameras can produce a video feed of what is occurring inside large vehicles, in spite of the dark areas. This ensures that managers at Shakelli can monitor every move when goods are loaded and unloaded at the site.

To centralise video management at the site, VIVOTEK’s professional central management software VAST was adopted. With intuitive functions and numerous features, the 96 cameras can be managed in a hierarchical system structure, allowing for monitoring, recording, playback, and event trigger management.

William Ku, VP of the International Business Division at VIVOTEK, said: “By March 2014, the entire project was up and running, and we couldn’t be more pleased with how it turned out. By installing an extensive and high quality surveillance system with VIVOTEK’s cameras, the operation efficiency and security at Shakelli’s factory has improved tremendously.” Visit


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