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Cyber solution for Holyrood

The Scottish Government has picked Fortinet, the cyber security product company to provide a fully cloud-hosted service to protect all the Scottish Government employees and data across 15,000 endpoints.

After looking at the solutions on the market, Holyrood identified ZoneFox, recently acquired by Fortinet, as the preferred platform capable of offering a tool, in terms of use and deployment but also to help productivity.

Fortinet says that ZoneFox’s threat detection and response solution, as part of the Fortinet Security Fabric, provides Holyrood with deep visibility by monitoring user behaviour and data movement on- and off-network, alerting users to any malicious or suspicious behaviour. This is achieved through user and entity behaviour analytics (UEBA) and intelligent machine-learning technology that covers the network and beyond. It will help the Scottish Government to identify the source of incidents, such as ransomware, in minutes, the cyber firm adds.

Neill Cooper, Sales Director, Fortinet, said: “We address the Scottish Government’s need to improve its information security in response to heightened threats in the market. Through our work with the Scottish Government, the organisation will be able to protect business-critical data and IP, identify anomalous behaviour both on and off the network, and prove compliance within industry standards and regulations such as GDPR. We are delighted to play such a pivotal role in safeguarding Scottish citizens and those connected to them.”

Picture by Mark Rowe; Edinburgh Castle.


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