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Case Studies

Custom cameras at Thorpe Park Resort

Thorpe Park Resort in Surrey, like Alton Towers in Staffordshire, is part of the multi-national Merlin Entertainments Group. The installer CVSS fitted X2 Combat IP pan and tilt cameras from the UK manufacturer Redvision on each end of the resort’s entrance arch, pictured. The Park’s widely recognisable blue was matched and the PTZ cameras powder-coated the same colour. The X2 has optional Power over Ethernet, enabling ‘plug and play’ and connecting via the RJ45 socket in the base of the camera, operating over a full 100m Cat 5e span. Redvision provided custom stand-off brackets, 300mm long, again colour matched to fit the site. A silicone wiper on the camera has permitted continuous high-definition surveillance even after splashes from Tidal Wave, the park’s water ride.

Arran Henderson of CVSS said: “We have had great success with Redvision CCTV equipment at Thorpe Park resort, previously having installed over 100 VEGA rugged camera housings. These were fitted with the customer’s choice of camera and lens, to suit each scene and location to their exacting requirements. This recent install continues to demonstrate the flexibility of solution available from Redvision CCTV.” And Paul Hucker, MD of Redvision, said: “We are proud to offer customisation options for our customers; including the ability to colour match the iconic entrance arch at Thorpe Park. We were thrilled to work with CVSS and Thorpe Park to produce a CCTV system that is rugged and built to last.”

For the case study in full visit the Redvision website.

Kit from Redvision at the port of Portsmouth was featured in the January 2022 monthly print edition of Professional Security magazine.


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