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Case Studies

Crime lab covered

A case study of CCTV at Greenwood Village Police Department in Colorado, used in its crime lab. This includes Video Content Analysis (VCA) as well as 360 degree fisheye coverage. The police protect forensic evidence from external threats as well as improve employee accountability and monitor departmental procedure.

The crime lab is for storing evidence from crime scenes, including firearms, narcotics, and cash. The video surveillance had to integrate VCA into the critical areas of the crime lab to boost employee accountability, while providing security as well.

Commander Joe Gutsgell, division commander of the Greenwood Village Police Department’s Investigations Unit, said: “We had a system before but it was very archaic and outdated. There was no recording capability except for live viewing by the dispatch center. It couldn’t detect motion and was in limited areas.”

Safe Systems Inc. in Louisville, Colorado, was the installer. They chose products from the Chinese manufacturer Hikvision. Hikvision says that its 6 MP fisheye camera (DS-2CD6362-IV) allows for broad yet precise coverage of the evidence room. The fisheye is designed to capture images from every corner of a particular location and eliminate blind spots: as a solution for small, indoor spaces like this one. One camera takes on the job of what required three or more fixed cameras previously, the manufacturers say.

Mark Overland, senior safety and life security consultant of Safe Systems Inc, said: “We’re taking advantage of the 360 degree fisheye to look at three doors simultaneously: the exterior door, an interior door to another part of the office, and the evidence room.”

Hikvision’s 1.3 MP mini dome cameras (DS-2CD2512F-IS-2.8MM) cover the room where sensitive property confiscated by police is stored, and in the vehicle processing room, where Commander Gutsgell’s team collects evidence from vehicles for investigations. Recorded video of this room also provides forensic accountability for the department’s procedural integrity. Hikvision’s 16-channel NVR (DS-9616NI-ST) rounds out the solution. This 48 TB recorder offers the ability to add cameras to the system as needed. VCA features such as motion detection further maximize storage efficiency, reducing saved data when it isn’t needed.

Jeffrey He, president of Hikvision USA and Hikvision Canada, said: “Hikvision works to bolster the natural relationship between the security industry and law enforcement officials. We create products and solutions that help make these officials’ jobs easier and more efficient, allowing them to maximize their resources. We are proud to support the Greenwood Village Police Department in their tireless efforts to protect their community.”

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