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Confiscation orders queried

An ocean of fish but where’s the rod? asks the White Collar Crime Centre. It’s published a Research Briefing exploring data recently obtained under the Freedom of Information Act 2000 on the £1.9 billion outstanding on confiscation orders. The eight-page paper queries whether the system is working and points to a lack of central leadership.

Analysis of the findings suggests that the UK Government’s commitment to uncovering criminal assets does not match the criminal’s commitment to making sure that the proceeds of crime stay hidden; the UK Government does not hold basic information on how the confiscation regime is being enforced; and better record keeping is required along with an urgent review of the confiscation enforcement process.

About the White Collar Crime Centre

It’s by the London law firm Bright Line Law seeking to explore the developing engagement between criminal law and corporate misconduct. Directed by Jonathan Fisher QC, Lead Counsel of Bright Line Law, It operates separately from Bright Line Law’s legal practice. To view the paper click here.


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