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Case Studies

CCTV van for west London

After the London Borough of Hammersmith took four custom-designed rapidly deployable CCTV cameras from Vemotion, the CCTV Development Manager for Hammersmith and Fulham, and neighbouring Kensington and Chelsea, Andrew Stocker, called the wireless CCTV firm back for a new project – a CCTV van. The vehicle was trailed for five months before going live in October. Another vehicle is being built.

The brief was for a van able to receive and transmit live images in real time with no dropped signals or loss of performance in areas well-known for patches in mobile signal coverage. Stewart McCone of Vemotion, pictured, said no problem.

Andrew Stocker said: “I have a great deal of experience in this field and seen a plethora of CCTV technology in my time, so I know what can and can’t be done. So, to say this technology from Vemotion still amazes me is really saying something. This system is quite simply a game changer and to say I am still excited by it is something very special. It is such a powerful tool and just a month down the line, we are still coming to terms with appreciating just how powerful it is.”

Vemotion transmission and camera equipment was integrated into a mobile vehicle for the purpose of rapid active deployment to suspected and known scenes of crime. The vehicle enables Andy’s staff to conduct overt and covert operations with two-way secure transmission of evidence-quality images, whether of anti-social behaviour or gang crimes.

Stewart McCone, CEO of Vemotion, said: “It has been a pleasure to work with Andy on his recent CCTV projects. The live deployment four of the cameras for the Chelsea Premier League Champions’ parade on 25 May 2015 was a great success, and the van was a great project to be involved in. Andy and I share a similar no-nonsense approach so when he broached his needs for a mobile vehicle deployment, I told Andy Vemotion could deliver, so I had to make good on my word! The truth is, we know Vemotion technology works – for us the difficulty is getting experienced people like Andy and the Met to take a look. Usually when they have seen it themselves, that’s enough.”

Andy Stocker works with the Metropolitan Police Counter Terrorism Unit which has been applying for the use of the vehicle and are exploring the feasibility of developing a similar vehicle.

Stocker said: “The key point to make is; it works. Always. If like me you have seen no end of people walk through the door with the ‘next best thing’ that they can’t even demo in my office, let alone work first time in the field you will know why I am blown away. I live in the area and I know the signal mobile signal is far from perfect in some sectors and I expected that be an issue. With Vemotion, it never drops.”

Other surveillance products Vemotion offer include vehicle-based systems, smartphone video apps and pole-mounted transmitter kits.


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