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CCTV against fly-tippers

Newcastle City Council has been warning potential fly-tippers that the illegal dumping of waste is a serious crime, with consequences.

In the last year, the council has made 183 prosecutions for waste crimes. Over £50,000 was paid in fines and two fly-tippers were sentenced to a total of 30 months in prison.
Gary Trotter, general manager of Sunderland-based security installer Hadrian Technology, said: “Fly-tippers need to be aware that new models of CCTV can be used to easily identify them where as older models may not have produced as clear or effective footage.”

Newcastle Quayside was recently targeted by fly-tippers who dumped piles of used car tyres in ten locations, outraging local residents. The perpetrators were caught on CCTV outside PR and Marketing agency Karol Marketing’s offices. The agency has a full HD quality CCTV system, fitted by Hadrian, installed outside its building, used to track down footage of the suspects throwing car tyres from their transit van onto the street. The council is amassing material after the offence.

Gary, pictured, said: “I’m delighted our CCTV systems could be used to quickly pull up high definition images from the exact date and time of the incident to help find the fly-tippers.”

Hadrian Technology installed the CCTV system, featuring High Definition cameras from the Concept Pro range, for Karol Marketing’s Managing Director Stefan Lepkowski to keep on top of his security wherever he is. Footage can be streamed to an app on smart phones, laptops and tablets giving users access wherever they are. The system can list any ‘events’ such as disturbances or break-ins, by date and time, which can be accessed through the app, and provide alerts via email, if there is movement in a set area of a building or grounds. The viewer can then view footage – live or recorded – to check to see if there is a genuine problem or a false alarm and act accordingly.

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