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Case Studies

Cash criminals linked to crime scene

In what is described as a first of its kind, a forensic marking product has been adapted so ensure that both the criminals and the cash stolen from a cashpoint machine are marked, regardless of how the ATM is attacked. Details are being held back for security reasons.

Starting in the South West and Wales, SmartWater will be installed at hundreds of cash dispensers located at the retailer the Co-operative Group’s food stores, with a unique forensic signature at each ATM increasing the risk to criminals of being tracked and traced by police after a theft.

An amount of the gel the size of a speck of dust can be enough for scientists to make an analysis and help police with identification, with the forensic signature guaranteed to last five years.

Chris Whitfield, Co-op’s Director of Retail and Logistics, said: “The technology is at the forefront of combating ATM crime which not only impacts on retailers but can affect communities and customers too. Teaming-up with SmartWater, whose proprietary technology has a proven track record in being a powerful deterrent, will utilise the latest ATM capabilities and innovations to benefit local communities and potentially reduce crime.”

And Phil Cleary, CEO and Co-Founder of SmartWater said: ‘This technical development represents a serious upgrade in the security of ATM’s as SmartWater products have helped convict hundreds of criminals world-wide and retains a 100 per cent track record in court. Simply, the ATM’s protected by SmartWater now represent too high a risk for criminals and the more professional will give them a wide berth.’


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