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Caller warnings

Conmen often impersonate officials in an effort to convince people that whatever they’re offering is genuine. Police are aware of a recent scam where fraudsters impersonate an Action Fraud representative to trick people into sending money.

The caller states that they are from Action Fraud and that the person they are calling is entitled to compensation from a recent incident. The scammer then asks for money to be sent via a Ukash voucher, to process the compensation claim. The amount asked for is usually in the range of £200 to £400.

Action Fraud is warning people not to pay these bogus telephone callers; there is no way to retrieve Ukash payments as they are in effect cash transactions. This is a scam. You will lose your money.

Action Fraud is in no way affiliated with these scammers and would never under any circumstances be involved in processing claims for compensation. The genuine Action Fraud is the UK’s national fraud reporting centre where consumers can report if they have been scammed or defrauded.

You can report fraud using Action Fraud’s reporting service, online. Visit

Separately, trading standards have issued a warning over a census from scam where fraudsters are trying to trick members of the public into giving personal information by pretending to be from Hampshire County Council.

Victims say they have been contacted by someone purporting to be from the authority and acting on behalf of the Office of National Statistics. The caller suggested that the individual’s census form was completed incorrectly and they had a fine to pay. The caller asked for basic identification details which they said was to confirm the census record and the individual’s bank details so they could process the fine.

The Office of National Statistics are aware of similar scams in other parts of the country where money has been taken from an individual’s bank account. The Office of National Statistics have warned that they would never ask for this type of personal information and advised that Hampshire County Council is not acting as an agent for them.

Always check a cold caller’s identity with the genuine organisation before talking with them.


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