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Calendar reminder

In west London, police cadets will be handing out crime prevention calendars next week to encourage residents to keep their property safe this Christmas. The calendars have been produced by the Richmond Community Safety Partnership and aim to raise awareness of crime prevention tips that residents can take to avoid giving criminals a gift this Christmas and keep their homes and property safe. The tips include:

Keeping your purchases out of sight.
Registering new electronic gifts or cycles on or with a UV pen.
Not leaving packaging from new purchases outside your house.
Leaving lights on a timer if you are away.
Making sure that valuable items in sheds or garages are secured internally as well as having a good quality lock on the door.

Tony Arbour, Richmond Council Cabinet Member for Community Safety, said: “Christmas is a time when people will have some expensive items at home that they have either received, or plan to give, as gifts. Having these stolen could really ruin your Christmas. Whilst we are a safe borough, residential and non-residential burglary continues to be a problem. It is so important that we make life as hard as possible for thieves. These simple measures really do work and require just a little extra consideration.”

And Chief Superintendent Colin Kennedy, Richmond Borough Commander said: “We understand that burglary can be financially costly and emotionally devastating to victims, especially at Christmas time. However, by taking just a few simple measures you can dramatically reduce the chances of it happening to you. From marking personal property to locking up garden sheds, all reduce the opportunities for burglary.”


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