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Case Studies

Business intelligence system

Global Aware reports a contract award from MetLife Insurance for five years to cover 48 countries and 1400 properties. The New York-based tender was for the insurer’s GSOC (Global Security Operations Centre). David Evans, Global group CEO said: ‘We are truly delighted to have secured this prestigious client on a global basis. In face of very strong competition we were able to demonstrate our international product suite, experience, vision, innovation, value and client focus.’

The business intelligence system Merlin Protect 24/7 extends active systems in to 77 countries. Global Aware, representing multiple organisations in sectors across the world, extended its global footprint by 20 countries recently. Its products are used for travel security and managing incidents, business continuity and crisis management.

David Evans, pictured, says: “There is no secret but the answer is simple. The solutions we provide and design are truly tailored, and represents multiple options for the client to carefully plan the risks associated and mitigate within their specific organisation. When you consider the platform synergises incident management, business continuity, crisis management, travel risk, task management, Merlin patrol app and will receive multiple feeds from systems, and then capture, analysis and trend into our BIS (Business Intelligence System) this becomes a very strong and compelling product. We continue to innovate in areas such as cyber convergence, and have deep seated experience in active shooter, CBR/Hazmat and all low and high impact situations. Additionally, it will deliver efficiencies which are advantageous in the platform.”


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