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Business continuity managed

At legal and tax service provider CMS Cameron McKenna, Jeff Tam, the company’s Business Continuity Manager explains why BCM (business continuity management) is all about exercising and how implementing the right solution can lift a burden from a BCM’s shoulders.

CMS Cameron McKenna is a provider of legal and tax services, with numerous offices both in the UK, and across Europe. The company is the UK Headquarters of CMS, with a global team of 2,800 legal and tax advisers.

The organisation has built an international reputation for providing comprehensive sector focused services across a range of industries including banking and finance, intellectual property, environment, public procurement, dispute resolution and taxation.

Jeff Tam, the company’s Business Continuity Manager, was tasked with creating a new infrastructure to meet the organisation’s business requirements for the UK and Eastern Europe. Prior to joining CMS McKenna, Jeff had worked with Vocal and identified that iModus could meet the company’s business needs.

“At the time I joined, we were working with an alternative product. It suited our basic needs, but CMS McKenna is committed to providing superlative communications and strategies, and so needed an enhanced solution that would meet our evolving requirements.”

CMS McKenna needed a dedicated a dedicated telephone number so that staff would recognise the number and respond to text messages. In addition, the company specified response times and support.

“Having worked with Vocal previously, I knew the product ticked all of our business needs, and equally importantly, I knew from experience that we could guarantee A1 customer service and response. The proposal was competitive, but knowing Vocal could deliver on all levels made the decision to switch to them as our provider of emergency communications much easier.”

“The quality of the consultancy, implementation and training were completed professionally and exceeded even our high expectations. Now, working with Vocal it seems that whenever we contact them, nothing is too difficult. It’s really important to have that level of customer service and response to our needs.”

CMS McKenna uses an emergency communications package that includes iModus with Message Call and iModus Activate.

“The functionality of iModus allows us to manage messages from the point of sending to the individual acknowledging that they have received it. For a Business Continuity Manager, the ability to track responses is an extremely powerful audit tool.”

Jeff adds: “In the world of BCM 99 per cent of it is about exercising. The iModus platform allows us to complete simple and effective call tree testing. As a Business Continuity Manager, iModus also makes it easy for me to send monthly database updates for upload on to the system. This takes a tremendous burden off my shoulders.”


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