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Blockchain-based platform

Dubai-based IT company PROW is to use Naoris’ AI and blockchain-based platform to help secure its clients’ networks. PROW manages cloud-based IT projects for government, healthcare and retail users. The partnership becomes Naoris’ first official launch in the Middle East region.

Naoris and PROW have signed a partnership that will include assessment of PROW’s framework, after setting up of Naoris’ ecosystem across PROW’s key data infrastructures. PROW’s partners include Cisco and HP.

Naoris points to the requirement for cyber security. Analysts at International Data Corporation (IDC) predict that the cybersecurity market within the Middle East region will double over the coming four years to $22.14bn in 2022 (up from $11.38bn in 2017). Multiple devices on the same network, Naoris adds, can provide an entry point for hackers to gain access to a system – which could have consequences, especially for governments and healthcare.

Naoris reports that its scalable platform, the Naoris Security Ecosystem (Naoris SE), offers near-instantaneous detection and reporting of cyber threats, for a consensually approved fix action without the need to rely on a central point of failure to command changes. Results are then disseminated onto an immutable ledger, where they become accessible and independently auditable.

The platform’s rule-bound and distributed consensus ecosystem allows fixes to occur before attacks have time to spread. Each node in the blockchain acts as an additional distributed layer of protection, which means that while traditionally networks become weaker as more devices are connected, Naoris says its solution allows networks to become exponentially more secure and agile as they expand.

David Carvalho, Founder and CEO of Naoris, pictured, said: “The Middle East is experiencing an ever-changing shift of data networks following its rapid advancement with digital technologies. This has led to further requirements of robust cybersecurity systems within private and public sector organisations. The blockchain provides a novel and effective way of protecting typically hard to defend environments from cyber threats and ensuring no end-point provides a threat for the network or its data.

“We are pleased that PROW has agreed to utilise our platform across its networks. As project managers and IT experts, PROW can see that we will be invaluable to its clients and offer well-guarded solutions as its networks grow larger and more complex.”

Roland Hash, Managing Director of PROW, said: “We are proud to sign an agreement with Naoris that will revolutionise our cybersecurity networks using the latest AI and blockchain technologies. As we expand, the need for advanced cybersecurity becomes fundamental for our solutions to clients. Naoris is the lead provider of scaleable and robust systems that will help secure our data infrastructures across the Middle East.”



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