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Case Studies

Beer and the Internet of Everything

At a Texas beer distributor, connected video and physical access controls help to prevent theft by alerting designated staff when a door to a restricted area is opened and allowing them to quickly click a link to play video from a nearby camera.

Del Papa Distributing, a family-owned beer distribution company, delivers more than ten million cases of beer annually from 30 suppliers. According to the internet product firm Cisco, it’s embracing the Internet of Everything (IoE) to simplify operations and create a more streamlined system for deliveries at their new 27-acre head offices.

Like many companies, Del Papa’s old site had separate networks for voice, data, video and physical security. Having multiple networks created expenses for the company and got in the way of driving innovation ‑ Cisco gives an example of Wi-Fi performance in the warehouse area wasn’t reliable enough for the voice-activated order-picking system.

Del Papa used new IoE products, including Cisco Connected Factory to digitally transform customer experience, collaboration and security. This solution enabled the retail distributor to address multiple needs to drive their innovation strategy and improve efficiencies. The implementation included a highly secure Cisco IP platform connecting video surveillance cameras, physical access controls for gates and doors, wired and wireless IP phones, Cisco TelePresence systems for collaboration across offices, digital signage for employee communications, and temperature sensors in the warehouse and keg vaults. Cisco partner Zones led the implementation, designed to help connect new systems that Del Papa adds.

Using Cisco TelePresence desktop and room-based video systems, teams spread across three locations can come together to conduct departmental and sales meetings. By connecting lighting, HVAC systems and keg vaults to a central system that can be monitored, analysed and controlled remotely, Del Papa has reduced energy usage nearly 27 percent over three years.

Steve Holtsclaw, Director of Information Systems for Del Papa, says: “By implementing Cisco’s IoE solutions, we’re able to enhance customer experience, increase warehouse and energy efficiency, and improve collaboration. We now support more than 2000+ connected devices and sensors that monitor everything from liquid temperature, air temperature, kWh usage, amps, network traffic, on/off schedules and GPS of our vehicles.”

And Stephen Lurie, Vice President, Internet of Things for Zones, says: “The Internet of Everything is here today, and organisations are already reaping the benefits. For Del Papa Distributing, connecting all endpoints, like cameras, entry points, and IP phones, has helped bolster physical security and improve how they do business.”


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