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Lone worker devices

Asset and energy support services group Lakehouse has brought in lone worker protection devices for 85 employees working alone. Lakehouse is a provider of construction, improvement and maintenance services for homes, schools, public and commercial buildings. Contact with the public is central to these operations. Lakehouse staff, including Resident Liaison Officers and Site Managers enter homes and building sites often by themselves, bringing a risk of assault, attack or injury.

Lakehouse is required to meet a legal duty of care to their employees to protect them from unnecessary risk. Having trialled several lone worker safety service providers, Lakehouse decided that Skyguard’s MySOS device ‘ticked all the boxes’.

Shaninne Anderson, Group Customer Journey Manager said: “The service we had from Skyguard was great, the appointment for the Area Sales Manager to visit us was arranged efficiently and the devices arrived quickly and safely.” She said of Skyguard’s aftercare: “They are always able to answer any questions and queries and even follow up to see how everything is going.”

Lakehouse chose the keyfob sized MySOS personal safety alarm: “The device is small, discreet and easy to use which is ideal for our lone workers.”

Accredited to industry standards including the British Standard BS 8484, the device comes with mobile phone and GPS tracking. Featuring one-button alarm activation, users can raise an alert to Skyguard’s Incident Management Centre. Here, controllers can locate the GPS position of the device and listen in to the situation. If necessary, the controller will summon the emergency services or the local police, bypassing the 999 service for a faster response.

Since the device roll out, Shaninne Anderson added: “It makes staff stop and think about where they are and it allows them to enter properties alone knowing they have back up to hand.”

Skyguard’s Marketing Director, Will Murray said: “Health and Safety is of paramount importance in the construction industry with high-profile cases continuously making the headlines. That’s why Lakehouse have turned to us to help mitigate risks towards their lone workers. We’re experts in managing the whole spectrum of scenarios including those that are life threatening. Therefore, it’s no surprise that our Group currently protects more than 100,000 lone workers across all sectors and industries.”



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