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Tips for improving Home Network Security

Your home network is made up of the personal devices on your property that connect to the internet and/or communicates with other internet-connected systems. Thus, it covers everything from smartphones and wearable smart products to printers and gaming systems. Depending on the device, all of these systems are subsequently connected either through a wired or a wireless network.


Why is home network security important?


As a result of the above, your Network Security becomes an important barrier for protecting the information that’s stored on devices within your home. In essence, it represents a crucial area of your online safety.

Vulnerable home networks can easily fall victim to a range of Cyber Crimes such as data breaches and identity theft. So, maintaining a high level of security for your internet connection and the devices that are connected to it is a necessity for those looking to protect personal information and privacy. And, with this in mind, we have some advice to get you started on doing just that.


How do you strengthen your home’s online security?


Our beginners’ tips for improving any home’s network security include the following:

Change the name of your home network – many default names given for internet routers provide its manufacturer, which can make it easier for criminals to exploit a network and identify its weaknesses.

Create a unique, complex password for your Wi-Fi – Most Data Breaches are Caused by Weak Passwords, thus we recommend strengthening all of these within your home network.

Use a Virtual Private Network – You can see our picks for the Best VPNs Based on Security Here. 

Update your router software – Wi-Fi systems need updating just like any other smart device to ensure that the most up to date security measures are in place.

Utilise a firewall – whilst we’re on the topic, you should also check if your router software has a built-in firewall, as this also makes connections more secure.

Change your router placement – the centre of your home is always the safest place for a Wi-Fi router.


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