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Report links employee attitude to security

company security training

A new report by Infosec has highlighted the link between staff attitude towards company security measures and effective action on Cyber Security issues.

Typically, businesses whose employees feel they operate within a strong ‘Cyber Security Culture’ generally have increased awareness of data breaches, network threats, and other weaknesses. What the ‘Cybersecurity Culture – Quantified’ report reveals, however, is the significant variation in staff attitudes and how cyber security strength varies between different types of companies.

Infosec, the cyber security education company that focuses on advising IT and security teams, have shown in their study how and why attitudes towards online threats may change between companies. Indeed, it emphasises that employee culture around cyber security could differ depending on the industry, organisation size, as well as individual attitudes and the running of certain departments.


Some of the major findings in the report include the following:

Large organisations (more than 50,000 employees) had the best attitudes towards cyber security, and thus some of the most effective policies

Small businesses (less than 100 employees) had the weakest cyber security culture and could subsequently be deemed more susceptible to data breaches

Companies in industries such as distribution and agriculture also generally had less interest in issues concerning network security threats


And, aside from this, there was some interesting data on employee attitudes around their Business Security such as:

Only 74pc of staff believe that a cyber security issue would be taken seriously in their company

Less than two-thirds said they felt that they would face serious repercussions if they caused a potential data breach

Almost 25pc thought that cyber security measures significantly interfered with their productivity


What is Cyber Security Culture?

The report defines cyber security culture as a company’s collective awareness, attitudes, and habits around digital and online threats both in and out of the workplace. It aimed to quantify this culture by surveying employees on issues concerning five areas. These were the staff’s personal confidence, responsibilities, engagement, trust, and outcome perception when it came to dealing with a variety of cyber security issues.

As a result, the findings were able to more accurately show the overall attitudes towards cyber security in different workplaces, and highlight the importance of Cyber Security Training and policy implementation.


You can access the full report here, or you can check out more information and the latest news on Cyber Security here.


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