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Remote Working & Cyber Security in 2021

Despite it being over a year since remote working became the norm, many businesses are still struggling to deal with persistent IT threats and cyber-attacks. These dangers have come in a variety of forms, from viruses from hackers to money transfer requests as well as continuous email scams among others.

Thus, there are certainly significant cyber security threats to businesses that have staff working from home. But the dangers can be minimised greatly and, as lockdown restrictions may be easing soon, there are ways to Create a Safe Blended Workforce moving forward.


IT Security issues

In both the UK and the US, around 1 in 3 workers were based exclusively at home at some point in 2021. This has resulted in challenges for IT security managers across both small and large businesses.

Considering many companies have never even undertaken Cyber Security Training, and 95% of data breaches are caused by human error, there is a risk of creating more danger through remote working. Moreover, even with protocols such as antivirus software and password management, there can be more connection issues present when working from home, and security updates can prove more difficult.


Will the Cyber Security risks be ongoing?

Cyber security threats are always changing and evolving. However, there are Several Ways to Stay Secure Whilst Working from Home. Indeed, many companies have now been operating with some form of remote work for over a year and have done so effectively. This means that, whilst the risk of cyber-attacks is ongoing, the dangers can be managed in the long term.

In addition, with advice on where people should work likely to change this Summer, companies may start to shift back towards office-based work in the remainder of 2021. So, our brief advice is this:

Maintain existing practices

Refresh staff on cyber security

Protect portable devices and important documents whilst working from home

Utilise IT security software, secure networks, and password management systems


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