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Physical Safety or Cyber Security: What’s the Priority?

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When it comes to protecting your home or business, much of the discussion is now on Cyber Security. But should this be your priority over Physical Security?

Well, let’s start by looking at both areas…


Physical Security

Physical security is perhaps more of an umbrella term than cyber security. It essentially refers to any measure that’s put in place to protect items, people, or property. This means that it can cover anything from traditional fire detection systems, alarms and cameras, to more modern equipment like Smart Locks and motion sensors.


Cyber Security

Whilst physical security concerns have been around for centuries, cyber threats are very much a 21st century issues that are, sadly, continuing to grow in significance. Cyber security specifically refers to measures that protect digital information and networks, usually against hacks, data breaches and other malicious activities. These attacks can come from anywhere in the world, take less than a minute and, collectively, cost individuals billions of dollars every year.


A Comparison

Over the past few years, cyber-crimes have understandably created far more headlines in the security industry. The issue itself is still relatively new, and these attacks are consistently changing in order to beat more sophisticated security measures. Thus, concerns over the Latest Cyber Threats have led to more discussion on the matter as well as growing investment towards digital security measures.

This investment is entirely justified, and there is still much work to be done by many who are yet to implement Effective Cyber Security Policies. And yet, it is still vital that you don’t stop Improving Physical Security.

Despite posing a less globalised threat (you are only in danger of a physical threat by people within your vicinity of course), traditional security measures are still as relevant as ever. Moreover, the basis of physical security involves identifying possible threats, knowing your main assets that need protecting, and creating solutions that weigh up risks and potential costs. These are all factors that should be used in cyber security as well.

Overall, it’s important that you find the balance between physical and cyber security investment. Staying on top of the latest industry developments is one way you can do this, which you can do by following the Latest Security News Here.


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