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Is Home Security More Sustainable?

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Eco-friendly Home Security solutions are now becoming more commonplace than you might think. With this in mind, here are some ways that security devices and measures are achieving greater sustainability:


Eco-Friendly Home Security

Motion Detection Technology

CCTV and surveillance devices are some of the most popular physical security systems. Thus, solutions that utilise motion detection solutions, meaning that they only activate when unusual movements are registered, can save a great deal in terms of energy consumption.

Meanwhile, this technology can also be used to save energy elsewhere in your home security system. Exterior lights are excellent deterrents for would-be criminals, but they waste electricity. That’s why motion detector exterior lights are now available, so that they can operate more sustainably. Other eco-friendly options, such as solar-powered lights are also worth considering.

Smart & Automated Lighting

Building on the above, smart lighting systems are an effective product for making your interior security measures even greener. Many people leave lights on when they’re away for extended periods, so ensuring that these are smart lights, which can be scheduled to turn off at certain times, is recommended here. In addition, LED lights are a good alternative when making an eco-friendly system.

Eco-Friendly Security Companies

Over the last few years, many home security providers have promoted the sustainability of their products and services. For instance, there are several green certifications like RoHS that many of these companies adhere to. Essentially, it’s worth doing some research before opting for a third-party alarm or access control solution.


What else can be done?

The advancement of Smart Technology has certainly made home security more sustainable to operate in recent years. Yet, more progress is needed in order to develop a truly effective security solution that’s as energy-efficient as possible. In the meantime, it’s worth remembering that you can use basic safety protocols to protect your home whilst saving energy. These include:

Invest in your energy-less protection methods (such as effective locks and window shades)

Utilise help from neighbours, friends or family to boost your home security

Inspect your home regularly for any security vulnerabilities


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