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Event Security After COVID-19

In the coming months live events, with limited-capacity audiences, are likely to open up again. However, the ongoing coronavirus pandemic will mean that event security and the safety of attendees will arguably be more crucial than ever before. So today, with this in mind, we want to discuss the best strategies and tips for handling the security of crowds and venues themselves in the wake of COVID-19.


Planning and Organisation

Being able to assess the risk involved in a given situation, be it a small gathering or something at a larger (socially-distanced) venue, is always the first step in event security. Typically, this will involve extensive planning that identifies the unique risks of a certain crowd, location, of festivity. From there, organisation needs to be done to ensure that any dangers will be dealt with. This could be anything from assessing how and where social distancing might be breached to the risk involved with implementing a one-way system.


Remember the Basics

Establishing a successful security plan is one thing, but to maintain the safety of an event your team mustn’t lose sight of the basics. Communication with the organisers or venue owners has to be a priority. Ensure you’re both on the same page when it comes to measures designed to mitigate the risks of COVID-19. Moreover, during the events themselves remember your role extends beyond physical security. Indeed, your team should be aware of de-escalation strategies and be aware to act as safety advisers, offering reassurance to nervous crowds returning to venues for the first time since the pandemic.


Utilise Technology

With the threat that coronavirus poses to any future event security, utilising technology to significantly improve safety for the general public is a necessity. Temperature check tools, contactless ID scanners, and disinfection tunnels may all soon be the latest ways to ensure the risk of COVID-19 is minimised. Thus, those working in event security should be following new technology closely to effectively improve safety.


Don’t get Tunnel-Vision!

But finally, remember that there is still much more to event security than the threat of coronavirus. Whilst COVID-19 is most definitely a danger than needs to be managed, it will be vital to the safety of events that your team doesn’t get distracted by it. Again, this is why planning will be so important – to successfully weigh up all the potential risks to any upcoming events, whenever these may be.


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