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Ensure that your Organisation is safe with these 2020 Cyber Security Objectives

Commercial businesses are frequently the primary targets of cyber criminals. This might be due to the fact that, with many small businesses not protecting themselves from potential cyber-attacks, criminals view them as easy targets.

As a response to this, we’ve devised a few cyber security measures that your company could aim to achieve. These offer you some ideas to gain understanding about how to approach cyber security in 2020.


Prepare for new threats in cyber crime

As we move into a new decade, cyber security professionals will be responsible for protecting a far greater number of devices and applications. This means that teams who’ve been used to protecting just PCs and servers, now have to worry about a vast range of smart devices. Thus, new threats are inevitable.

This isn’t just because of the rise of more smart devices either. The gradual increase in the presence of 5G also brings its own dangers. For instance, the potential for greater geographical distances between these devices and servers will bring new threats that your company will have to be ready for.


Don’t forget about or ignore the threat of Ransomware

Ransomware, a type of malware that locks down databases by infiltrating a given system, can grind companies to a halt. Data is compromised and a ransom is demanded by cyber criminals to restore access to the system. This was still a major threat to commercial security in 2019.

We’re currently seeing the beginnings of a new trend as well. Instead of simply demanding money, cyber criminals may copy sensitive corporate data to sell it or threaten to publish it. Thus, major considerations will still be needed towards this in 2020.


Ensure you’ve updated your devices and anti-virus software

Out of date technology is going to make your business more susceptible to cyber criminals. Given the variety of other important issues organisations face on a daily basis, it’s understandable that this might not be your top priority. But regardless, it’s important to keep your organisation’s systems and devices safe by doing some research into the latest software and system updates.


Consider the importance of mobile security

Mobile devices are praised for the convenience they offer, and for good reason. However, they are also easily lost or stolen. As a consequence of this, sensitive data that’s either stored on or accessible from these devices is quite vulnerable.

A good counter-measure to the above risk is Enterprise Mobility Management software. This prevents unauthorised access to apps as well as corporate data on mobile devices. It does this using measures including password protection, encryption, and remote locking among others to protect sensitive commercial data. Moreover, this software allows an admin to delete all data from a misplaced device, providing you with greater peace of mind.


Cloud security is key

In general, cloud security is safer than storing data locally. This is because of the strict standards they are held to in order to be able to operate on a large-scale. But even so, there are still measures you can take that will help to guarantee your data is secure. These can range from verifying that your provider complies to industry-standards, to researching the processes they have to ensure your data will be safe.


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