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DVR supplement

Free with the March 2017 print issue of Professional Security is our annual supplement about DVRs and NVRs – digital and network video recorders.

It’s free to read online, with past issues of the main magazine going back years: visit

As with previous editions of the supplement, and indeed like our camera and dome supplement every September, it’s our way of bringing together all that’s new in the field, whether new products or services, opinions, or case studies. In this latest DVR supplement we bring a case study from Germany of how and why a chain of car washes has gone for IP CCTV monitoring.

We round up the latest from Tony Porter, the Surveillance Camera Commissioner, ahead of the release of his national strategy.

And storage is a particular topic, now that systems can easily require terabytes of recording space. The temptation may be to use a normal desktop drive, that’s cheaper than a specialist surveillance drive; but the desktop drive might not offer the reliability and be able to handle the sheer 24-hour work of CCTV recording, we hear.


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