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Does CCTV really boost your Home Security?

Picture of a domestic CCTV camera
Picture of a domestic CCTV camera

For decades now, Closed-circuit Television (CCTV) has been commonplace in our society. Whether it’s for shops, pubs, car parks or any other public space, CCTV one of the most popular crime deterrents taken by both the government and the commercial sector. But has it now become a viable, or necessary, security option for homeowners?


Benefits of Home Security CCTV


Proven Record

According to several police reports, CCTV does indeed make a small, but significant, reduction in crimes concerning theft. This means that, for home security, there is evidence that suggests it acts as an additional deterrent alongside traditional alarm systems.


The Technology

Over the past few years, recording and storing CCTV footage has become more efficient; this means that video security systems are becoming better at collecting evidence after a crime has been committed. They’re also becoming more easily integrated with home alarm systems and external control devices, which again is allowing CCTV to be a more robust domestic security solution.


Cost Flexibility

Whilst CCTV security is only getting more sophisticated, the price of these systems remains very flexible. In fact, some devices are more affordable than ever before! As an example, one wired camera with a 5-metre night vision is usually priced at about £20, whilst accessories such as dummy cameras can be bought for only £10. But if you want to go more up-market, there are also still plenty of high-end home security systems available on the market. Thus, you can start small at very little cost and then easily expand your CCTV system whenever you like.


Limitations of Home Security CCTV


Privacy Laws

When considering CCTV for the outside of your house or property, you ensure you respect UK privacy laws. Essentially, your cameras can’t be pointed at public spaces, or any neighbouring houses or gardens. This means that if you wanted to, say, increase security around your car but your property has no driveway, CCTV might not be of much help.


Other Measures

Despite the CCTV market seeing some notable innovations recently, other areas of the home security industry are also providing serious competition. For instance, home security drones are expected to gain popularity over the next few years, whilst alarm systems are similarly becoming more advanced with devices such as sensors and the incorporation of smart devices.


The Best Deterrent?

As mentioned above, CCTV does contribute to lower crime rates. But is it the best option for home security?  Originally, the idea that someone was watching you was enough to keep people from misbehaving. Today, though, there is an argument that CCTV is so common that it has lost some effectiveness as a deterrent, which signals they are potentially more likely to be ignored when seen on private property. Again, this means that other devices might be better for improving your home security.


However, in all, CCTV does still have a role in boosting your home security. What’s becoming clear is that these systems need to be supported with other devices (and vice versa) in order to function as a truly effective crime deterrent. You can check out all the latest on CCTV products Here.


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