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Games biometric

A biometric product was used by Dorset Police’s Special Events Control Centre over the London 2012 Olympic Games, when Dorset hosted the London 2012 Olympic sailing events at Weymouth. FastVein from Croma Security Solutions Group plc company CSS Biometrics, uses sub-dermal scanning technology to perform identity matching, with an ISO verified certainty of 1,000,000:1.


The product according to the firm eliminates the need for security cards, fobs or tokens. During the London 2012 Olympic period, many hundreds of extra security personnel were temporarily on site. FastVein was used by Dorset Police for identity assurance and management of secure access to sensitive areas at Dorset Police Headquarters including the Dorset Police Special Events Control Centre and the Strategic Coordination Centre


The product has already been adopted by 18 HM Prisons and Immigration Removal Centres over the last two years. The makers add that the product is now being made available to the private sector in both military specification and the lighter commercial specification, respectively branded MilSpec and ComSpec. Further information regarding FastVein® can be found at


Chief Superintendent, David Griffith of Dorset Police, described the system as “excellent”, and he went on to say that even in the short period that the system had been installed, the users had come to “depend upon it”. He also was “very pleased to have been able to retain the system”, for an extended period over the course of the Paralympics.


Sebastian Morley, Chairman of CSS, said: “The deployment of our FastVein Biometric system, in support of the police and over the period of the biggest sporting event in the world, is testament to the company’s growing position in the UK security market.We believe that FastVein is quite simply the most advanced biometric system in the world featuring ultra-high reliability and rapid recognition, providing an identification standard almost 35 times stronger than traditional finger-print systems. It features a straightforward, yet highly sophisticated means of delegating authorities to access zones for enrolled users. The biometric enrolment uses harmless near-infra red light to highlight sub-dermal vein patterns, and only takes around two seconds.”


About the firm


Croma Security Solutions Group plc is an AIM-quoted firm, with headquarters in Southampton; ‘CSS Vigilant’ specialises in guarding people, property and assets; ‘CSS Biometrics’ providing control systems; ‘CSS Security’ including CCTV, intruder detection and access controls; ‘CSS Locks’ providing safes, ironmongery and locks; and ‘CSS Fire’.


The Group is chaired by former Black Watch and Special Forces Officer Sebastian Morley, and CEO is Roberto Michele Fiorentino.


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