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Behavioural and Social Sciences in Security (BASS20)

Location Portsmouth

Start date 30/06/2020

End date 02/07/2020


Cancelled due to coronavirus. CREST 'will continue to explore creative ways of engaging with the academic community throughout these uncertain times'.


How can we patch security vulnerabilities with people rather than relying solely on technology? How can we prevent low-level breaches in security by well-meaning employees? How can we ensure that products are ‘secure by default’? What can people’s digital footprints tell us about their risk profile and vulnerabilities? Can behavioural science inform interventions to encourage more secure behaviour?

How can we tell if someone told a lie? What techniques can help people recall facts about an event? How are terrorist groups financed and what decisions do terrorists make to protect their security? How can behavioural analytics help officers make case decisions around risk or asset management? Can social media use look unusual and how can we assess the value of the information we receive?

Who are the perpetrators and supporters of security threats? What roles do they play in planning, recruitment, fundraising, ideological transmission and the enactment of such threats? Why, how and when do individuals or groups engage in or disengage from crime or violence? What are the processes of learning, innovation or escalation involved? And what factors and decisions lead to de-escalation, and the reporting or countering of violent extremism or criminal activity?

First BASS was in Lancaster in 2018.

Event Organiser

CREST (Centre for Research and Evidence on Security Threats)

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