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Experience a smarter and safer world with Axis

Visit Axis @ Ifsec and get the answers you are looking for!

On the Axis stand at IFSEC 2018 you will be able to experience a world of IoT security solutions. All of the latest innovations from the leading innovator in the physical security market will be showcased. It’s about surveillance cameras, networked Audio, Access Control, software, analytics and tools, and also about cybersecurity and sustainability. As our partners are already discovering advances in technology mean that Axis products and solutions offer possibilities beyond traditional surveillance!

1. Cybersecurity: Your Partners in Protection

Implementing and following proper cybersecurity protocols is now a vital part of any company’s standard operating procedure. Effective Cybersecurity requires a long-term approach and a partner who will support you today and in the future. Find out how Axis can help you in this area and be your partner in protection.

2. Perimeter protection: Monitor and detect from perimeter to core

The main objective of perimeter protection is to detect a physical threat or intrusion as early as possible. That’s made easier with the aid of fully optimized, integrated IP security solutions, which work together and in real time to monitor everything from a facility’s outer perimeter to individual buildings. With the right solution in place, you can protect any site—even in remote, unmanned locations—reduce false alarms and ultimately improve on-the-spot decision making.

3. Video analytics: Proactive surveillance for greater security and smarter business

Over the past two decades, the security industry has transitioned from closed-analogue, closed-circuit, proprietary systems to digital, open, IP-based network solutions. And with that, standard video solutions can now take advantage of the latest in intelligent video analytics to improve safety, efficiency and profitability. Among other things we will showcase how intelligent video analytics can be used for retail store optimization, to control access through licence plate verification, to provide privacy protection when using recorded video and more.

4. Secure more business using the right tools

Correctly installing solutions, the first time around can save you time, money and resources. After all, who wants to uninstall and replace hardware once it’s already setup? The ability to get it right the first time starts with taking advantage of the proper end-to-end tools. Check out our entire suite to discover how you can efficiently design, install and maintain your security solution.

5. Small business solutions: small, compact and powerful

You have enough to think about when running your business. Reduce stress with video surveillance made simple, a security solution specifically designed for small business needs. Take the newly released Axis Companion minis, for example. These cameras are small, compact but have been engineered by the same team who create our award-winning enterprise level product range. Whether on-site or on-the-go, you can easily monitor your facility, allowing you to devote more time and effort into building your business. At Ifsec learn how you can simplify your video surveillance with an AXIS Companion solution.

6. Intelligent audio: Create ambiance. Communicate alerts

Like the video surveillance industry was years ago, the audio world is largely dominated by analogue technologies. At Axis, we see audio differently, and we understand that with networked solutions you receive a better, more intelligent audio offering. Why choose network audio systems? Simple. All-in-one, integrated systems are cost effective, scalable and flexible; once installed, you can efficiently add units as needed. With intelligent audio you can:

• Create ambiance with stored or streaming music 24/7
• Deter unwanted activity and make on-the-spot or scheduled announcements
• Create targeted messaging for specific zones
• Manage the entire system in a central location

For Axis being smart and safe, means providing innovative solutions that help improve security and enhance operational efficiencies. This year, at the Axis stand you will be able to get help and advice on the areas you want to learn about. Make your trip to Ifsec as valuable as possible and book a guided tour of the Axis stand @ IFSEC 2018.

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Visit Axis at booth D340.