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ONVIF meets in Canada

ONVIF, the US-based standardisation initiative for IP-based physical security products, hosted its 16th ONVIF Developers’ Plugfest (ODP) from May 10 to 12 in Québéc City, Québéc. With multiple testings of ONVIF conformant products, the Developers’ Plugfest offered interoperability testing for five ONVIF profiles, including the Release Candidate of Profile A for access control, which is scheduled for final release this summer.

During the Plugfest at the Delta Hotel Quebec City in the Old Town district, engineers and developers from ONVIF member companies tested their products on ONVIF Profile Specifications with other ONVIF Profile-conformant products from other vendors. Besides Profile interoperability tests, attendees were offered one hour of testing using the ONVIF Device/Client Test Tools, as well as the chance to discuss with Test Tool developers.

Steven Dillingham, Chairman of the ONVIF Technical Services Committee Taskforce, Developers‘ Plugfest, said: “The ONVIF Developers’ Plugfest is a literal testing ground for members to establish that their products are ONVIF conformant and interoperable with other ONVIF-conformant products before they are released to the market. The product development lifecycle can be long and involves the work of many hands, so when our members test their products at the Plugfest, it represents one of the final phases of product development after months of hard work.”

The event drew 32 attendees from 17 member companies from 13 countries. Attendees logged 177 hours of total testing time during the three-day event, testing five ONVIF profiles for interoperability, including Profile Q for out-of-the-box interoperability, Profile S for IP-based video systems, Profile C for IP-based access control, Profile G for edge storage and retrieval and the Release Candidate of Profile A for broader access control configuration. Profile A is in the final stages of development and scheduled for release this summer.

The 17th ONVIF Developers’ Plugfest is scheduled for November 8 to 10, 2017, in Seoul, South Korea.


Founded in 2008, ONVIF is a forum for interoperability for IP-based physical security products. Members are camera, video management system and access control companies offering more than 7,000 Profile conformant products. Profile S is for streaming video; Profile G for recording and storage; Profile C for physical access control; Profile Q for out-of-the-box functionality and the Release Candidate Profile A for broader access control configuration.

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