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4K HD camera

New from DVTEL, INC, the video surveillance products manufacturer, its Quasar 4K Ultra HD Camera line. It’s part of the “DVTEL 4K Certified Solutions.” The camera line will consist of mini-dome, pictured, and bullet cameras.

The DVTEL Quasar 4K Ultra HD cameras have a broadcast quality Ultra HD media processor. According to the makers the cameras deliver four times more detail at full 30 frames per second (fps) than today’s best HD1080 cameras and more detail than legacy 10MP. According to DVTEL the Quasar line delivers typically 60 percent less storage than comparable products. The 4K cameras provide it is claimed pristine imagery at 250M pixels per second while using 30 per cent less storage than many HD1080 products. The models’ low light 4K image sensor makes them suitable the company says for indoor and outdoor applications. The cameras are also vandal resistant designs with integrated IR illumination.

Ed Thompson, DVTEL CTO, said: “With the latest DVTEL 4K Certified Solutions, DVTEL is raising the technology stakes and providing end users with cutting-edge, ultra-HD capabilities at a significant cost savings. Our 4K technology is not just the latest HD resolution; it’s a new mainstream evidentiary standard – and DVTEL is at the helm of this innovation.  We provide the easiest, most affordable 4K evidentiary solutions. DVTEL offers solution-driven products to end users, resulting in a greater return on investment.”

DVTEL adds that its 4K cameras offer better forensic zoom details on both traditional lower resolution displays and 4K monitors, which are becoming more cost effective as technology adoption increases, the firm says.

The 4K camera is planned to be available in the fourth quarter of 2014 through DVTEL’s distribution channels. The firm adds that it continues to invest in 4K infrastructure and will open a 4K Video Lab and Video Demo Center in 2014.

See DVTEL’s Certified 4K Solutions, along with the company’s other video surveillance products, at ASIS International 2014, from September 29 to October 2 in Atlanta. Visit


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