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Video management addition

Arteco, the video event management software company, is adding to its video intelligence capabilities with Advanced Video Analysis (AVA). The addition of the analytics platform combines Arteco’s video event management system (VEMS) with algorithms such as hot zones, occupancy rate, smoke and fire detection, slip-and-fall identification.

AVA is a suite of video analytics algorithms that supports a variety of intelligent processes, making it possible for operators to detect, track and classify subjects or objects, the Italian developers say. A server-based solution that is added to the Arteco VEMS, AVA allows users to automatically detect events that may be associated with security risks, such as an object left behind. Marketing teams can also use the analytics to help determine the success of promotional campaigns and determine conversion rates. The developers say that users continue to identify new use cases for analytics and video surveillance.

Steve Birkmeier, Vice President, Sales and Business Development, Arteco, said: “The addition of AVA analytics enables organizations to receive automatic, real-time alerts for pre-defined high-risk or high-interest activities, which allows operators to be more efficient and informed. Our mission is to help users quickly identify the most relevant information to enhance security and streamline operations. The evolution of our video analytic offerings is a core component of this ongoing strategy.”

To learn more about AVA, view their Youtube video.



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