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PSIM integrated


Proximex, part of the Security Products business unit of Tyco, has its Surveillint Physical Security Information Management (PSIM) software integrated with the Control Room Management Suite (CMS) from Barco

Operators using Surveillint can select particular camera sources to be shown in pre-defined areas on Barco CMS-powered video walls and displays. The integration also extends Surveillint’s capacity to use the “perspectives” concept within the CMS, by grouping cameras and other sources.

Chatura Liyanage, Group Product Manager for Proximex, says: “In mission-critical situations, it’s incumbent upon security personnel to have the most complete information available and be able to show and share that information with others in the security operations centre. By integrating with Barco’s Control Room Management Suite, we’re now able to give operators a higher level of awareness and visualisation of everything that is happening, so they can react faster and collaborate more efficiently.”

Operators can share their Surveillint Operations or Video Console by choosing from a set of pre-programmed perspectives which can be loaded to the Barco CMS-powered video wall or display. Sharing perspectives from Surveillint can be manual by an operator or triggered automatically based on events as determined by the pre-set business rules and managed through administrator access.

Suchit Rout, Director - Global Strategic Alliances, Barco, said: “Barco has been supremely focused on developing technologies that empower customers to share the right visual information at the right time, and our latest collaborative visualization platform accomplishes this objective. Through this Strategic Alliance with Proximex, we’ve further enhanced this capability, equipping control room personnel with best-in-class tools to view better, share faster and resolve quicker, in the most efficient way possible.”



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