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Caribbean hub

A UK cyber-security company is looking to open a hub in the Caribbean and has identified the island of St Lucia as its preferred location. Computer Network Defence (CND) is based in Bath, and through its free online Security Wizardry Radar Page assists the world’s major national security agencies. It has offices on the Isle of Man, where it runs a Security Operations Centre (SOC) that monitors clients’ network activity, alerting them to cyber threats.

The SOC in complemented by its Penetration Testing teams that use hacking techniques to identify vulnerabilities in clients’ networks which could be exploited by hackers.

Managing Director Andy Cuff identified the island of St Lucia due to its business-friendly outlook and time-zone, and has been visiting the capital of Castries. Given the nature of cyber–attacks being global – as shown by the May 2017 WANNYCRY hack – CND believes in spreading its physical presence. The hub in the Caribbean is expected to create four jobs in the first year.

Andy, pictured, said: “We have set up a successful cyber-security business on the Isle of Man which, whilst still a Crown Dependency, is not part of the UK. We are looking to repeat this successful model in the Caribbean. One of the attractions is the time zone which is five hours behind our UK HQ.

“We also have staff in the US and we have a deliberate policy of spreading ourselves so we have expertise in multiple locations. In the Caribbean we would aim to train local talent then deliver that expertise to other islands. I was a little disappointed to see that students in St Lucia are no longer given free laptops for their studies, as this would create a future pool of IT talent who may have become CND cyber warriors in the years to come. However, there is certainly huge potential on the island, which could become the Caribbean hub of cyber-security excellence.”



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