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Cyber launch

A North American cyber security business has launched in the UK. GoSecure in the UK is a subsidiary of Dorset-based C3IA Solutions, one of only 13 businesses to be certified by the government’s new National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC).

Heading GoSecure is RAF veteran and experienced cyber security man Peter Villiers, pictured. On leaving the air force, he became cyber security manager for a UK police force, and then worked with FTSE100 companies while also serving as a reservist in the British Army on cyber security.

He then spotted the GoSecure business and saw the opportunity to bring it to the UK.
Matt Horan, director of C3IA Solutions, which is based in Poole, invested in the business that is now being rolled out across the country.

GoSecure offers its Advanced Adversary Protection (AAP) service as well 70 staff based in Canada that provide a full range of cyber security services and monitor all clients’ systems 24/7.

Peter said: “After we have installed our AAP appliance on a company’s system we can analyse the behaviour across all their devices. Then we use a complex set of threat information and analytics to identify both random and targeted attacks.

“Anything abnormal is then flagged and our staff, who monitor the system every second of the day, can quarantine the attack and carry out the necessary remedial action.Essentially we hunt down and kill threats, which gives a huge amount of reassurance to management and particularly any IT staff who often struggle to deal with attacks that we see every day.

“Potentially, good digital security could reduce insurance premiums. No information leaves a company we work with, and even if we are dealing with an issue the staff can still use their systems. Cyber-attacks can cost a business a lot of time and money – not to mention professional embarrassment if sensitive data is stolen.

“Our skills dovetail with C3IA’s expertise and together we offer everything required in the cyber security sector.”

About GoSecure

The Canadian company works across North America and around the world. Visit


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