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Sensors added

Hikvision, the video surveillance product manufacturer, has added to its Turbo HD 4.0 analogue range of cameras with PIR (Passive Infra-Red) sensors. The PIRs have a detection range of 11 metres, for sensing movement in an area. The sensors has been added to four models, and so the sensors are available in three formats – bullet, dome and cube cameras.

The sensor can filter out false alarms by differentiating between the infrared emissions of a human being from the other ‘noise’. So, when an inanimate object moves, there’s no alarm, but when it senses human body movement, an alarm is triggered. In the meantime, the camera generates a flashing white light as a warning signal to deter an intruder, while it also provides supplemental light, for the camera to capture an image of the target even in harsh places. Filtering out false alarms saves on storage space and also means more efficient searching post-event, as there are fewer alarms to look through, the manufacturer says.

The cameras also come with low-light technology, for producing quality images even in low-light scenarios – down to 0.005 lux, the product company says. Applications the makers suggest include private residences and outside smaller retail outlets.

Keen Yao, VP at Hikvision International Business Centre, said: “This technology comes into its own in perimeter protection, on fire doors in buildings and dynamic fire detection. Applications include those areas with large areas to monitor, like airports, harbours, borders, industry and shopping centres.”


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