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Wireless alarm kit

Dahua’s new alarm kits, DHI-ART-ARC5402A-GW-06-A35 and DHI-ART-ARC5402A-GW-10-A35-C35, are for use in shops, apartments and other homes.

Based on radio frequency of 433/868/915MHz, Airfly is a private wireless communication technology of Dahua’s, a two-way communication that is safer the firm says than one-way communication. It offers 128-bit AES fully encrypted wireless communication with dynamic key. The kit also comes with 4.3 inch TFT screen (480 by 272 resolution), and ARC5402A-GW Video Alarm Control Panel, that’s the “brain” to the alarm system. It has functions such as alarm information collection, alarm output and linkage control, PSTN alarm reporting, alarm SMS, audio message, IPC surveillance, video recording and playback.

Panel features

The system supports up to 32 wireless zones, two wired zones, eight remote controls, four wireless sirens, one wired siren and one wired PGM output; Wi-Fi (IEEE 802.11), PSTN, GSM and TCP/IP; RFID reader, that allows you to arm or disarm without password) and the backup battery (3.7V/1900mAh, Li-ion). Dahua says that its alarm system works in a stable and low energy consuming manner, sending you any signs of threats in time and providing you with full range of options to respond.


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