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Display card reader

New from STANLEY Product & Technology, the security and access control product company, is its display card reader – PACOM 8707. Developed around the company’s PACOM Unison platform, PACOM 8707 will initially be available in the Nordics, with the intention to roll it out across other countries and regions.

The makers say PACOM 8707 has been designed to meet the requirements of companies of all sizes that want the most secure access control solution possible. As the first line of defence against those wishing to infiltrate operational technology systems and information, PACOM 8707 incorporates card management and authentication, and supports all generations of the MIFARE protocol, including MIFARE Classic, MIFARE Plus (Levels 1 and 3), as well as MIFARE DESFire EV1 and MIFARE DESFire EV2. It also supports radio frequency identification (RFID) based cards and the Wiegand over the air protocol.

As protection against hackers, the reader also supports the latest version of the US-based Security Industry Association’s (SIA) Open Supervised Device Protocol (OSDP) so that sniffing devices can’t be installed behind the reader or along the communications path. The use of OSDP also allows means the card reader can interface with control panels or other security management systems, the makers add.

When used in modern commercial buildings, display card readers not only have to offer security and performance – they have to look good and be user friendly. The PACOM 8707’s design is based around an organic lighting emitting diode (OLED) display. This offers a solution that is much sharper than traditional liquid crystal displays (LCD) the developers say, and can be read at wider angles and brighter light conditions.

The screen itself can be used to display text and graphics, aiding customisation and the chance to, for example, include corporate logos or provide basic instructions to users on what actions to take next. This is all made possible thanks to 16 backlit buttons, which are also designed to be accessible to people with disabilities.

As for remote and local programming and configuration; programming cards or manual card reader programming devices are not required, as the downloading of encryption keys is carried out from PACOM Unison software, which then configures the card reader along with the rest of the security system. Or, it can be locally configured through the OLED display when installed by an on-site systems integrator. The reader’s 10-30V DC range can accept a wider range of input voltages, ensuring that it can be installed indoors and outdoors, the company says.

Gavin O’Keeffe, Global Technical Director at STANLEY Product & Technology, said: ‘The PACOM 8707 sets a new standard in display card reader technology and elevates the functionality and performance capabilities of the PACOM Unison platform. The features we have introduced in PACOM 8707 make it the most secure, functional, flexible and user friendly device of its kind and it will meet the ever-growing demands of end users, as well cementing our leading market position.’



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