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The Genesis 2 wireless PIR detector range features black mirror optics and a stylish new design.

The Genesis 2 wireless PIR detector range, from Luminite Electronics, has sleek looks and exceptional performance. 

“The Genesis 2 is a professional, high-quality, well-engineered, PIR detector”, explains Graham Creek, MD at Luminite. “Its case is IP 65 rated and made from tough, weather-proof ABS. It has front access for easy, on-site fitting and adjustment. It can even be set up to look directly down or along a wall.

“The Genesis 2 uses advanced, black mirror optics with adaptive zoom focal length. Black mirrors reduce false alarms by reflecting infra-red emissions from an intruder’s body heat into the PIR’s pyro-sensors: they filter out unwanted light, such as glare from car headlights and the white light elements in reflected sun light. The high-gain, black mirrors enable exceptional detection distances of up to 60m in narrow beam and 30 m in wide beam modes. They also sense evenly over the entire detection range, irrespective of a target’s motion or speed, due to the zoom optics technology”.

Genesis 2 PIRs utilise dual sensing technology, only triggering an alarm if both sensors within the PIR are activated simultaneously or in sequence, further reducing false alarms.

The PIRs are available in wired or wireless variants, for installation flexibility. The wireless variant uses robust radio communications to enable up to 64 PIRs within each Genesis 2 system to communicate with a Masthead transceiver. The wireless communications range is typically 1km, essential for industrial areas and large expanses of open ground. Genesis 2 is compatible with Genesis 1.

Battery life is up to 2 years using standard Alkaline cells, depending on settings and location. Lithium cells extend battery life further. The Genesis 2 can also take power from a 12v PSU, instead of batteries, if preferred.

The Genesis Masthead transceiver links to the CCTV system via an IP network or serial interface and can be operated using Luminite’s free, IP remote control and monitoring software. The Genesis Relay Unit, which enables 16 physical alarm and/or tamper switch outputs, can be added to the system. Luminite’s Walk Test Instrument allows installers to verify the intruder detection range of the Genesis 2 PIR and confirm the wireless signal strength.

For more information on the Genesis 2 PIR detection range, contact Luminite on 020 8368 7887 or visit


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