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Trauma Packs for City

In London, Emergency Trauma Packs (ETPs) are going into prominent buildings and business premises in the Square Mile.

Each pack has specialist medical equipment to treat casualties, with the location of the kits plotted on a map so that the City of London Police control room can make use of the packs in the event of a major incident. With such packs on premises, first responders and businesses will have the tools ready to respond in the event of an emergency, police say.

In July the City of London Police and the London-based guarding contractor Ultimate Security presented the emergency trauma packs and training to the first 35 recipients at a seminar. Landsec properties in the City were used as the pilot to show how police respond to a major incident and what injuries may need to be treated. The local government body, the City of London Corporation, also plans to equip some sites within the Square Mile with the packs.

City of London Police Supt William Duffy said: “As we have seen over the recent months in which London and Manchester have been targeted by terrorists, the first aid that is administered within the first few moments following an attack can be life-saving. Due to the nature of major incidents, the public will inevitably be at the scene. If businesses and other premises have enhanced medical equipment on-site we can give people access to the tools needed to help save lives.

“The availability of these kits is in many ways a natural accompaniment to the CitizenAid app that launched at the start of this year. The application of knowledge and simple skills in the critical period immediately after injury can make the difference between life and death.”

Police are not paying for the kits but have given advice, as has the London Ambulance Service, on what should be included, and is advising businesses on kit might be of use. The scheme is being piloted by City businesses, and will be made available to others in the City including local schools and licensed premises.

The cost of the kit, estimated at around £450, and its upkeep are the responsibility of the business which purchases them. Each kit will be stored in a secure location within the premises. Each business will appoint a key holder who can be contacted 24 hours, should the kit be needed. Kits will contain around 40 items including face masks, batteries, ice packs, goggles, adhesive dressings and eye pads.

The CitizenAid app is free to download and is designed to help the public learn how to respond in an emergency.


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