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Business awards

Six member companies of the British Security Industry Association (BSIA) were recognised for their commitment to promoting the industry in the association’s inaugural Security Business Awards.

These were presented at the BSIA’s annual luncheon on Wednesday, July 12, at the Grand Connaught Rooms in central London. Presented in three main categories – International Partnership, Environmental and Innovative Security Project of the Year – the awards invited contributions from all sections of BSIA membership, with one special commendation and one overall winner also each category.

James Kelly, Chief Executive of the BSIA, pictured right, said: “Following the success of our Security Personnel, Apprentice Installer and CVIT Special Awards for Outstanding Service, which focus solely on individuals or teams, we felt it was important to broaden the scope to ensure that the success of entire companies were also rewarded. This has also enabled us to encourage companies from outside of the manned guarding industry to engage with our awards programme. The nominations we received this year were a testament to the fantastic reputation of our member companies and we look forward to the ongoing success of these awards.”

The International Partnership Award

The International Partnership Award aims to showcase the capability of the UK security industry in embodying the BSIA’s export brand values.

The winner in this category was Concept Smoke Screen Ltd, for their partnership with the Brazilian security firm, Allarmi, in helping to prevent explosive attacks against ATMs in Latin America. After one of the largest privately owned banks in Latin America was being mercilessly targeted on an average of 40 times per month, Concept Smoke Screen worked with Allarmi to install closely monitored security fogging systems at 1600 branches. The impact of the systems was so dramatic that the bank has now installed the systems across 4300 branches, with the systems decreasing the number of attacks to a minimal amount. Allarmi now hold regular training sessions about the systems and have significantly expanded their network of installers. They also founded Concept Smoke Screen Brazil Ltda, to produce the same products at an affordable price to help the local market and create new jobs.

Matt Gilmartin, Managing Director for Concept Smoke Screen Ltd, said: “Although Brazil, as a country, is facing significant economic challenges, the people of Brazil are determined to improve safety and security for the entire population. Concept Smoke Screen Ltd and its partner Allarmi are exceptionally proud to be part of that and our shared beliefs have successfully produced significant loss reductions for some of the country’s and world’s largest financial institutions.”

The special commendation in this category went to GJD for their work with a south east Asian international airport. GJD’s D-TECT Laser detector range helped to secure a gap above a glass wall in the arrivals area, which could have allowed objects to be thrown over before passing through security. The D-Tect Lasers have performed so well that they have now fitted more lasers in other parts of the airport.

Environmental Award

The Environmental Award recognises the commitment of a security company or its employees to improve sustainability, or to improve the wider environment.

This year’s overall winner was Printwaste Recycling & Shredding, for their installation of 384 solar panels on their roof, to move away from fossil fuels to cleaner energy. They also fitted light sensors in corridors, toilets and to external lighting, to reduce their electricity use. They continued to show their commitment to energy conservation by closely monitoring their usage against material processed, to assess ways in which they could reduce electricity consumption, whilst increasing their output. By transforming their unused roof space into an asset, their electricity bill has been reduced by 51pc with their annual C02 emissions decreasing dramatically. Their employees have become more energy conscious, and customers happy in the knowledge that their materials are being shredded through eco-friendly solar energy.

Don Robins, Managing Director of Printwaste Recycling & Shredding, said: “Winning this award is fantastic recognition for the business and our staff at our security shredding facility in Cheltenham. We all know that in this day and age it is increasingly important that data and media products must be securely destroyed. It bolsters our green credentials and gives even greater re-assurance to our clients to know that the electricity used in shredding their data and confidential papers is generated by solar panels on the Printwaste building roof.”

A special commendation in this category went to Magenta Security Services, who are on track to reduce their energy usage by 75pc through a number of environmentally friendly methods. Such as; changing electronic equipment to low energy equipment, as well as investing in environmentally friendly lighting in their offices and installation of recycled flooring tiles.

The Innovative Security Project of the Year Award

The final award recognises projects that represent a first for the industry, a first for a particular market or a new application of an existing security solution.

CSL were the overall winners in this category, for their CSL Connected project. Working with industry panel manufacturers, CSL Connected combines CSL’s Critical Connectivity with the customer’s chosen alarm panel, with the option of an end-user app. With over 60 UK ARCs, CSL Connected ensures that installations are not overlooked in exchange for cheaper, self-monitored solutions, combining CSL and their manufacturer partners, with the end-user preference for a smartphone app and the insurance requirement of ARC monitoring.

Rob Evans, Sales Director at CSL, pictured left, said: “Installers already have access to signalling products that provide end-user Apps. CSL Connected is the only product to offer Smartphone Apps with reliable ARC Connectivity. With end-user convenience and a guaranteed response to an alarm, CSL Connected also discourages self-monitored systems that bypass ARCs. We are delighted to win this award, alongside our CSL Connected Partners. It is testament to the hard work of each of our companies in delivering this project to the industry.”

A special commendation in this category was presented to Nocturna Ltd for their Sentinel Range of night vision products, which provide low light imagery up to 100m away, increasing search capabilities at night and the early detection of people lost or injured in low visibility. The range has been of use to security, military, blue light industries and civilians.



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