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Case Studies goes national

The service reportMyloss has recently been expanded to cover all the UK, for recording and repatriating lost property.

The service was launched a few years ago to help Avon and Somerset Police handle lost property. The service integrates in real-time with the police’s National Mobile Property Register ( so the owners of recovered property can be identified and repatriated with their possessions.

The service replaces the often paper based recording processes that still exist in many property offices.

As police say, a paper based report will likely be sat in a book at the property office – reportMyloss is an online national system so the item details can be searched by any UK police force regardless of location.
Getting to a police station to make a report, can be a time consuming and costly process – reportMyloss is based entirely online.

Many lost items need to be reported for insurance purposes – reportMyloss provides standardised and verifiable loss report numbers that insurers may accept and/or require to process a claim.

Forming part of the National NMPR system, use of reportMyloss makes it far more likely the owner can be identified. This helps clear property rooms and reduces police storage costs. Also it removes the police burden of taking the loss report. These savings free up police resources that can then be targeted on more important duties. For more information visit:


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